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1. In your first post, please pick out a short passage from some outside source. It can be from a news report or video, from an internet resource, or from a textbook or article from another of you classes. It should either report, or try to persuade the reader of some fact. Look at step 3 below, to ensure that your passage will be “analyzable” for another student. Please copy/paste, or transcribe the passage right into the text box. Include a citation to the original. Then, tell us what you think is the author’s purpose, method and persona. Make good use of, and provide citations to, your textbook. This is due Wednesday by 5pm.

2. In the third and final reply, you’ll provide an analysis of the student’s passage using the checklist from the text. In order to ensure that everyone gets a peer-reviewed reply, and that no student gets many, in your second post simply “claim” a thread for yourself. You can do this simply by typing “Hi, Robert. This is interesting, and I’ll reply to your post by the end of the week”. Of course, if someone else has already “claimed” a thread, then please choose another. This strategy will guarantee that no two students are working to peer review the same essay. Please do this step as soon as possible, but no later than Friday at 5pm.

3. In your third post, use the “checklist for analyzing a text” (p. 182 7/e, 186 8/e), and give an analysis of the passage provided by the other student. The idea is that we’re practicing thinking carefully and analytically about the claims that an author makes, the reasons that he gives in support of them, and the logic that underlies the writing. You may benefit from looking at the original source that the student has provided in his/her citation. This is due by Sunday at 5pm. 4. Write a precis. A precis is a short description of a reading assignment, much like a book report. It should not contain any interpretation, examples, or objections. It should be limited simply to outlining the positions and arguments as they are found in the reading. Precis should be between 250-300 words (about a page), and should be typed, double spaced, 12pt font, or equivalent. To earn credit, it should be related to the chapter that we read for that module , and turned in during the week that we discuss and cover that chapter in class.

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