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1-Select a play write and a play from our coursework and discuss how their cultural history shaped them, their message and their audience. Consider: how did they portray community? how did their message affect society? what was the purpose of their play? who was their audience?

2- select another play(from the coursework) and assess what the play revealed about the culture presented. Consider: do you agree with the cultural presentation? should it be presented at all ? what essential factors were included or excluded.



Each essay answer is limited to 25 lines. Please write in the third person point of view, use proper grammar and syntax and support any general statements with details to illustrate your point of view. Reference the specific playwright and play. Edit carefully and get to the point!

the Play was in California state university fullerton. the audience were California state university fullerton students.

the Plays:-


“Anna and the Tropics”

“Pride and Prejudice”

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