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WebQuest Choice History 108

Pick a topic that interests you for Internet research WebQuest. It must be a topic covered in our


Here are topics you can use on your “Adventure” : Pick one.

Columbus, Powhatan Indians, Pocahontas, Roanoke, the area of Spanish Florida, Narragansett

Indians, Pequot Indians, King Philip, Anne Hutchinson, John Smith, William Bradford, Squanto,

Middle Grounds, Quakers, colonial newspapers, midwives,

Bacon’s Rebellion, Benjamin Franklin, Middle Passage, Triangular Trade, Iroquois

confederation, Wampanoag Indians, chartered companies, Roanoke, James Oglethorpe,

Massachusetts Bay Colony, dissenters from Massachusetts Bay Colony, the Southwest

borderlands (pp. 58-60 text), colonial medicine, Puritan Family, Eliza Lucas Pinckney,

Stono Rebellion, Witchcraft in Salem (late 17


century), Great Awakening, Dame Schools

,growth of colonial government, French and Indian War, William Pitt, Washington during the

French and Indian War, Proclamation of 1763, Sugar Act, Stamp Act, Sons of Liberty ,

Daughters of Liberty, Stamp Act Congress, Townshend Acts, Coercive Acts, Tea Act and tea

parties, Currency Act, Samuel Adams, colonial taverns, colonial almanacs, Paul Revere, Boston

Massacre and Crispus Attucks, Pontiac’s Rebellion, First Continental Congress, Lexington and

Concord, Patrick Henry, John Hancock

Or you can pick a topic from the vocabulary and module resources such as file uploads, photos,

PowerPoints, content comments videos, websites from Chapter 1,2,3,4.


1) Use websites that are not encyclopedias. Ideas of websites are LOC (Library of

Congress) University websites, National Park Service, museum websites.

You can pick websites from the Resources of our Canvas classroom. You will know

that they have been screened by me for accurate content.

2) Use 3 websites and cite the information that you use from each website. Demonstrate

that you have used 3 websites by using examples from each one

3) Cite the full URL of the website. If you use pages off the main website cite them as

well when you direct quote. For example this is a main page of a website This is a page off the main page…

4) Single space

5) Only use a heading (one line) and your complete name on your paper

6) Upload it as a file in Canvas

7) Paper should be 600 words maximum and 375 words minimum

8) Do not repeat the questions

9) Write the information in your own words.

10) Direct quotations should be 1.5 sentences or less.

11) Put the word count at the end of your paper like this (456)

12) Focus on the period of Chapters 1-4. For example, if you picked John Adams describe

his role in Massachusetts up until 1776.

13) Use a variety of examples from the websites you visit. Use different examples as a

response to each question on page 2

Questions to answer:

1) Discuss your topic in detail. Use examples and detail to back your generalizations. Use

different examples in your response to each question.

2) Describe each of the 3 websites you picked. For instance, was the site one page or many

pages? What was on each page? Were there photos or illustrations? Other links?

3) Why were you interested in your topic? What attracted you to it?

4) How did learning about the topic increase your understanding of the colonial period

(before 1776)

5) What did you learn that can or did help you understand our nation today? Were there any

lessons or perspectives that you gained?

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