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Project Objectives: In this assignment, you will select DOCS elements from a specific obituary and critique whether the obituary is effective in achieving its purpose for its specific audience. Instead of orally presenting your finding to your classmates, you will prepare a hand out of your findings. Your goal is to thoroughly analyze an obituary, using The Genre Toolkit, and deliver your new knowledge to an audience of your peers. (You will not, however, actually make a presentation.) An example of the format for this analysis is in Module 2 (Student Sample 1 and Student Sample 2).

Genre: You will prepare a handout that could accompany an oral presentation that seeks to teach your classmates about DOCS-V analysis and how it may be used to understand an obituary.

  • Read HWW p 36-54.
  • Read and examine sample obituaries
  • Use the “Understanding text through textual analysis” chart to collect information aboutthe DOCS-V elements of an obituary.
  • Choose one of the obituaries in Module 2 and use the Genre Toolkit (HWW p 53) to answer all 10 questions listed in the “Discovering a New Genre” visual. or
  • Start writing your information in a handout format

o Begin with the rhetorical information: title, author’s name, date, source, genre,

target audience, purpose.
o State your claim. (How effective might the obituary be in achieving its purpose

for the target audience based on the DOCS analysis?)
o List all five elements of the DOCS-V model separately;

▪ identify 2-3 features for each element, include quoted and/or paraphrased text,

▪ and explain how these features connect to the text’s effectiveness orineffectiveness.

o List the reference information, using APA or MLA format.• Draft due 10/9 on Turnitin

Parameters: Write your genre analysis in the format of a handout using a title, subheadings, bullet points, brief content, and optional images. This should take two to three pages.

Criteria: An effective handout will provide well-organized and relevant findings of your genre analysis to an audience of college students. It will show a good understanding of the DOCS-V elements in the obituary you have selected and a good understanding of the process of analyzing a genre. (Word count 1000-1500 words)

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