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Deborah Kolb and Carol Frohlinger: Cofounders of Negotiating Women, Inc.

1. Why has Negotiating Women, Inc. focused its attention on women?

2. In what ways does Negotiating Women, Inc. address the needs to developing your network skills, such as to get a job or a better position, to perform better at your current job, or to advance within your organization?

3. According to Dr. Kolb, setting goals too low “is likely to become a self fullfilling prophecy”. She wants women to develop a backbone, something that takes preparation to accomplish. How can networking help someone in this situation?

4. Dr. Kolb warns against making unilateral concessions during negotiations. Instead she advises that you figure out the other sides hidden agenda, devise an alternative if you can’t reach an agreement, and plan to deflect moves that put you on the defensive. The negotiating process consists of four steps: planning, bargaining, possibly a postponement and an agreement, or no agreement. In which step does this statement by Dr. Kolb belong? Why?

5. Which of these following determinants – the work itself, pay, growth and upward mobility, supervision, coworkers, and attitudes toward work, can be greatly enhanced through negotiating?

6. Career planning is defined as the process of setting career objectives and determining how to accomplish them. How can networking help with one’s career planning?

(The requirement is to find up to 3 cited references to produce a 300 word response essay in APA format)

Thanks – Max

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