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Answer questions below (75-100 words each question)

Describe a person you know whom you consider a great leader and what types of leadership qualities do they demonstrate that makes him or her a great leader.

What are some essential differences between constructive and destructive conflict?

Discuss specific ways in which group members can deal with conflict in a constructive manner.?

When people engage in conflict, they typically approach it with three potential outcomes in mind. They are called orientations to conflict.

The first is lose-lose.

Lose-Lose orientation to conflict results in losses for everyone involved which is unhealthy and destructive for relationships.

People with the lose-lose orientation to conflict generally avoid it at all costs and usually pay a price for it.

Next there is win-lose.

Win-Lose assumes that one person wins at the expense of the other. Win-lose orientation is prevalent in cultures that emphasize individualism and competition.

Win-Lose approach is okay when we have a high desire for our position to prevail, low commitment to a relationship, and little desire to take care of the person with whom we disagree. Ex. Buying a car.

Finally, there is win-win.

Win-Win orientations assume that there are usually ways to resolve differences so that everyone gains. They arrive at a solution that everyone finds satisfactory.

Compromise is often the result. This usually satisfies enough of each person’s needs to protect the health of the relationship.

Discuss a situation in which you used one or all of these orientations to conflict.?

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