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Can you have this assignment done by Tuesday at noon? I am using the “YMCA Greater Williamson county” can send links: As discussed in this unit, a problem/needs statement is often a required part of a grant proposal. A human service organization needs to demonstrate that it is serving an important, documented need in the community.

Develop a needs/problem statement for the “YMCA” which is the organization that was discussed in Unit 2 and Unit 3.

Location of Organization:

Part I

Nature and Extent of the Problem or Need

In this section, discuss:

1) The need/problem and how many people you estimate experience the problem. Who experiences the problem—men, women, children, the elderly?

2) What target population does your organization intend to serve?

3) Research—in one paragraph, summarize the research that you found on your topic in the course of your online activity.

Part II

Context of the Problem In this section discuss:

1) What contributes to the problem? Discuss factors such as a) extreme poverty b) significant job loss in the community c) high crime rate d) limited resources or access to care or service.

Part lll

Impact of the Need or Problem

In this section, discuss:

1) How does the problem affect quality of life for people, their families, or communities?

2) How might treatment of the problem benefit the person/community?

Part IV

The role of Your Organization in Addressing the Need

In this section, discuss:

1) How will funding your organization help positively impact the problem/need?

2) What program(s)/service(s) will your organization provide?

Do not fill your answers in directly on the template, as the Assignment needs to be in essay format. The template is a guide for you to use to ensure that you include all of the required components of the Assignment. The different components of the template should appear as headings and subheadings in APA style in your paper . Please be sure to write in complete sentences and to utilize the strategies for effective grant writing covered in this unit as well as Unit 5. You need to use a total of five references in your Assignment, with at least two of them being peer-reviewed journal articles. Examples of other references that you can use, in addition to the two required peer-reviewed journal articles, are reputable websites and books. The references need to appear as in-text citations in your paper, and in the references page at the end. They need to be cited using APA style.

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