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1) Discuss the role of arousal and emotions on decision making. This discussion should include your own unique examples and discussion of the information.

2) Describe the influence of arousal on decisions using the articles by Ariely and colleagues (Andrade & Ariely, 2009; Ariely & Lowenstein, 2006).

3) Bring in at least one additional scholarly journal article (not including any of the articles listed below) to supplement your discussion.

Andrade, E. B., & Ariely, D. (2009). The enduring impact of transient emotions on decision making. Organizational Behavior and Human Decision Processes, 109(1), 1–8. doi:10.1016/j.obhdp.2009.02.003

Ariely, D. (2009). Predictably irrational: The hidden forces that shape our decisions. New York, NY: Harper Perennial.

Ariely, D., & Loewenstein, G. (2006). The heat of the moment: The effect of sexual arousal on sexual decision making. Journal of Behavioral Decision Making, 19(2), 87–98. doi:10.1002/bdm.501

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