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The painting above is by Pieter Bruegel (pronounced “Peter Broy-gull”) the Elder, The Harvesters, from 1565 This painting shows a genre scene of laborers, some of whom are working to harvest the grain with scythes or bind it into haystacks. Others are either taking a lunch break or a nap. The artist created the illusion of depth in space (perspective) on a two-dimensional surface, the canvas. Brueghel assumed a bird’s-eye view of the foreground toward the lower edge, while the far distance is toward the top. He also used several of the techniques you have read and heard about.

For this assignment, you will be writing about ONE technique of showing the illusion of space in the above painting.

look for examples of atmospheric perspective.

Write a paragraph in which you point out two very specific examples you see (from your assigned topic) of how Bruegel showed spatial depth, and where each is. Use the artist’s last name when you refer to him. Also, use phrases such as “in the upper left,” or “just to the left of the center,” ” in the far distance,” “in the foreground,” “in the middle ground” (between the foreground and background), etc., to indicate specifically where you see each of the examples.

Explain how each example indicates the illusion of space in the painting.

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