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Case # 1

I have heard many students talk about “selective hearing” which is such an interesting concept! Sometimes people will tune out what disinterests them, and then on the other hand, when they are interested in something or someone, they are “all ears!” We make an unconscious effort to select what we want to hear and what we don’t. It may be a word, a person’s name, maybe even a song lyric; something triggers us to suddenly become aware from a state of basic disinterest! What do you think, has this happened to you?

Case # 2


After a long day I look forward to sitting and relaxing in the most sanctuary place in my home ,which would be my tube. My significant other is the type of person that notice when I don’t feel like being bothered by his talks, unless his really just need to get some off chest. At that point I would put aside my tiredness and really be attentive to his problem. I’d want to be able to give him the type of feedback with understanding to his statements. I wouldn’t want him to feel emotionally let down because I’m a caring lover. If i wasn’t a person he could to talk about any and all thing, good or bad. He could just as easily find an emotional connection with another female.


I have worked in a call center for about three years and communication was an important, because you talked to customers daily for fourty hours a week. We have meetings monthly to discuss the performance level of the team. Im awear of the topics we discuss because it information we need that we can use to improve. As a active listener I connected myself to the information given so that I could improve my performance as an individual. I gave feedback when needed if I did not quite grapes the format given. I focus on the content of what was being said to better my communication with the customer and for the business

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