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Performance-Based Assessments


6 examines the purpose of authentic assessment, as well as the pros and

cons of using authentic assessments with children. Imagine that your

program, school, or center has adopted performance assessment to measure

a child’s growth. Your supervisor has asked you to create a letter for

families explaining performance assessment. In your letter, you must

address the following:

  • At least two reasons why using performance assessment with children is a reliable method of measuring growth.
  • At least two typical concerns associated with performance assessment and how you will address those concerns.
  • At least two different performance assessments that you will use in the classroom and why you will use these assessments.

*You must properly cite and reference the course text in every discussion. A citation is a parenthetical note within the body of your response. It comes after a direct quote or a paraphrase. A reference comes at the end of your response and refers to the required reading or material. Use in-text citations.*

Howard, V. F., & Aiken, E. (2015). Assessing learning and development in young children. San Diego, CA: Bridgepoint Education

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