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Answer the question in 4 paragraph with the material upload. Read the Article and the book I’m going to upload only used one citation outside the book must be cited as well your discussion boards you should cite your external source and text in the body of the response usually in this format (last name of author, year). If you are using exact quotes, you should do the following: (last name of author, year; p#). You need to cite your sources each time you utilize information from published sources to avoid plagiarism. These citations should be placed in the body of the paper after the information utilized. Additionally, after you complete each answer, you should provide below the full citation in a reference section: last name of author, first name of author, year of publication. Name of article or book chapter, name of journal or book, publisher.

The Book is Collective Behavior by David Lochor

Based on your readings and videos for this week, what similarities or differences do you see in the Black Lives Matter Movement in comparison to the Civil Rights Movement? Which theory that we have learned about do you think explains these movements the best?

*Note: I strongly advise against using hearsay or Facebook news for your information source for this posting. Use academic readings as assigned, or outside sources that are academic in nature. Your opinion is important – but must be backed up with facts/science.


I will upload the chapter

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