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Attached are the following articles and outline

Your 2-3 page, 5 paragraph essay should focus on the readings and class discussions. Your essay should be in 12 point font, double spaced; using appropriate MLA citations in your text (do not use footnotes, just parenthesis with author last name and page number with bibliography attached as page 5). You will need to cite 3 of the readings from class, and at least 1 outside source in your paper. You MUST also use Quantitative Analysis in EACH paragraph to support your arguments.


The first quarter of the semester was dedicated to an introduction of power systems in the United States and how individuals can identify privilege and understand where it comes from. In this essay, your goal is to define oppression and provide three different examples, one for each form (Individual, Institutional, and Societal), of how power and privilege is manifested through race and/or ethnicity in our society today. You may choose to approach this from the perspective of the advantaged or the targeted group.


Introduction: Explain Power and Privilege in the United States and connect this dynamic to race and oppression.

Paragraph 2: Example #1 (Individual Oppression)

Paragraph 3: Example #2 (Institutional Oppression)

Paragraph 4: Example #3 (Societal Oppression)

*Examples can be in any order.

**For each paragraph, provide definitions of the form of oppression, an example of the form of oppression and explanation of why this is an example of this form of oppression, and provide a possible solution to balance the power to achieve equity (racial justice).

Conclusion: What’s the point? You have explained where racial oppression comes from and what it is; providing examples of its different forms and offering solutions to achieve equity in terms of racial justice in our society. What should those who are reading this essay take away from what you are trying to say?

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