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Drug abuse is becoming commonplace among youth worldwide. The implications of the misuse of alcohol and other substances include severe impairment to physiological, psychological, social, vocational, and spiritual lives, oftentimes leading to death. It is argued that the judgment center of the brain is not fully developed until adulthood, making it unrealistic to assume that young people can make the logical, rational decisions that adults make.

answer the the following:

  • In the first half of your paper, describe the reasons why young people are misusing substances, despite all of the prevention efforts that have been made over the last three decades.
  • To support the assertions and claims you make in your paper, you must include at least two scholarly journal articles and either one credible resource produced by a human services association or a government. (You may not use the assigned readings.) Cite your sources using in-text citation and a reference page, according to APA style
  • In the second half of the paper, describe a possible scenario of youths involved in substance misuse and subsequent treatment in a human services setting. Apply the strength-based approach to explain how to treat the misuse and prevent further risk of misuse.

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