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Anthony is a 27 year old heterosexual Caucasian male. He was arrested 2 weeks ago for his second DWI and is facing a license suspension. He works as a delivery driver for a local store and after disclosing the arrest to his employer, as well as the consequences including loss of his license, he was terminated. Anthony lives with his girlfriend of 3 years and their 2 year old son. Anthony’s drinking behavior has increased to consumption of a case of beer on Saturday and Sunday evenings each week. He consumes several beers after work during the week “to maintain.” He has also been using methamphetamines, specifically “crystal meth” several times weekly. Anthony’s girlfriend ended their relationship as a result of his increasing substance use and ongoing difficulties. Anthony feels depressed and anxious about his current life situation, especially now that he realizes that he has no job and may be homeless because of his substance use. He is also feeling down about the loss of his relationship. He researched a few outpatient treatment programs to help him stop using both alcohol and methamphetamines, but is ambivalent about entering treatment. Anthony has considered the need to stop using substances to improve his life and relationships with significant others, though fears that he will lose his friends and miss partying with them if he stops. He also fears what life will be like without the comfort of getting high

Consider and discuss the 5 stages of change. Based upon the information provided discuss what stage Anthony is in, and provide a rationale for your decision. Next, discuss the other stages of change and what indicators we might see as Anthony progresses on through these stages.  Your posting must be a minimum of 500 words.

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