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Use the link provided to view the “Age of AIDS” part one. Use the information from the documentary to explain or answer these four questions. This should be accomplished in four or five paragraphs


Discussion Questions on the “Age of AIDS” Documentary

1.Structural Functional perspective views society as a system of interrelated parts and states that social problems result when the social institutions do not meet human needs effectively. Identify two main social institutions identified in the documentary that failed to meet the needs of society. Give an example of how the institutions failed.

2.Conflict Theory views society as marked by conflicts, due to inequalities in class, gender, race, age and other divisions, between groups with different values and different amounts of power. Identify three groups that were in conflict with society at large and explain why people in positions of power refused to allocate resources to help these groups.

3.Symbolic Interaction holds that society develops values and beliefs concerning certain behaviors and labels some behaviors deviant, and that society consequently reacts in a negative way when people are caught engaging in the behavior that has been labeled as deviant. Identify two groups that were labeled as deviant and explain how individuals in these groups were affected.

4.The video made the statement that the HIV infection started with one person in a remote village in Africa and the spread around the world. Using the information you gathered in the first part of this assignment, explain how the way society works instigated and sustained the spread of the infection.

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