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What are you going to write about? Well, you have a choice about which story — a real story from your life — you would like to share. You can write about:

  • One particular story from your life that portrays a significant moment when you realized something, discovered something, or changed as a person. Ideally, this would represent a moment, less than twenty-four **essay about skiing in Aspen, Colorado. From not being able to snowboard, to by the end of the day mastering it** Outline for this essay is attached.
  1. Has a sense of time and place (setting)
  2. Has relatable, identifiable characters
  3. Focuses on actions (events) and shows
    1. a crisis or crises, a climax (turning point), and a resolution
  4. Is highly descriptive in nature
  5. Includes dialogue
  6. Is clearly organized and easy to follow
  7. May be narrated in either first or third person perspective
  8. Has importance and significance, and connects to the reader

For this particular assignment, you do not need a Works Cited page since you are telling your own story. Some particulars for this assignment:

  1. It should be formatted in MLA style
  2. Length: 5-7+ pages

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