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please answer the questions (150 words each + website reference from an online magazine or webpage)

  1. The text discusses a number of reasons that an eating disorder may develop, including biological factors, social pressure, cultural norms, athletic competition, cognitive factors, emotional regulation difficulties and family dynamics. Describe the two factors that you think most thoroughly explain eating disorders. Make sure to provide a brief summary of both factors and a well-supported explanation for why you think they are especially important. In what way would your conceptualization of how eating disorders begin influence your approach to treatment?
  2. Each time the DSM is updated some disorders are added, removed or revised. In the DSM 5 Transvestic Disorder is currently accepted as valid, however there is some controversy over its inclusion. Let’s consider how the symptoms for this disorder meets the criteria for abnormality as reviewed in Chapter 1 of your text. How many criteria apply? Is it still a disorder if the individual is happy with their identity and well adjusted? What are the pros and cons of identifying Transvestic Disorder as a diagnosis? (Note: Please remember that it is fine to have a personal opinion about this material, but within this context, answer the question using the academic and scientific information available to you to support your rationale.).
  3. A friend of yours is concerned about his brother’s drinking and knows you’ve been taking a class in Abnormal Psychology. He asks for your help in knowing how to determine what is considered “normal” drinking behavior. How do we determine whether someone is using alcohol in a “normal” way as opposed to abusing alcohol? What differentiates alcohol abuse from alcohol dependence? What are some of the gender and cultural factors that may impact alcohol consumption and the consequences? How might these factors influence treatment interventions? Finally, your friend said you gave him great advice and he thinks you should start charging people to see you for addiction treatment. What requirements would you need to meet to be a Certified Drug and Alcohol Counselor? Refer to the website in the readings for the week.

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