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Provide one or more ideas to improve parent and community involvement that they did not think of. Explain why this idea would be beneficial in supporting parent and community involvement. 5 sentences or more.

Also describe how these schools or centers could improve their level and type of parent and community involvement based on the NNPS model

Looking at the different types of involvement it made me feel as if Head Start I work at was doing a good job of getting parent involvement. In my 5 years I have seen all the types. When it comes to parenting it is very common for us to help the parents in figuring out what it is they should do at home. This is done by both teachers and family advocates whom work together. Our program offers incentives for parents to complete their GED or take classes such as learning to speak English. Another one that we really tend to focus on is learning at home. Early on in the school year we work together with the parents to help them form goals with their children. This could be in any developmental area such as language, literacy, motor skills and math. After setting the goals we talk with our parents to help them understand what to look for when working with their children to learn certain skills. The activities sent home are designed for the parent to do with the child keeping in mind any family situations that could affect how the activity gets done. We teach them how to work with them so that they continue to be successful in this after they leave our program.

What I would say we could improve on would be in our volunteer area. It is easy to kind of stick to the same parents over and over again which in turn can provide less opportunities for other parents to be involved. It’s important to properly keep track of what everyone is doing in order to provide all our parents with the same opportunities.


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