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Offer an additional example of how development of the age groups your classmate selected influence curriculum decisions in 5 sentences or more.

The age group I will aim my focus on is infants between zero months to eleven months old.

Just like all children, infants grow within all areas of development with in the first few months of life. However, the infant developmental process is exceedingly important because their tiny and busy minds are like sponges and are consistently absorbing information. According to PBS (2017) infants are in tune with their surroundings and learn new skills from their environment and from people in their environment.

  • Some cognitive milestones include they will learn to see all colors and differentiate hue and brightness, categorize sweet, sour, bitter, and salty tastes, and respond to simple directions and questions with gestures, sounds, and perhaps words.
  • Social-emotionally, infants imitate gestures and action, they learn to discriminate between different people based on the appearance, speech pattern, or physical touch, and they learn how to respond to and mimic facial expressions.
  • Physically, infants develop both fine and gross motor skills as they learn to grasp onto objects, kick, roll over, and crawl.

An effective teacher will understand and know the developmental areas that their students are in, so that the most effective curriculum may be implemented. According to Jaruszewicz (2012), “A key to planning a curriculum for infants and toddlers is applying the concept of the zone of proximal development—that is, anticipating what skills are likely to emerge soon, actively working on what is current, and practicing what has already been mastered” (p. 4.3.). Without knowing the children’s development, the teacher will fail at creating an environment that is structured so that every child is successful. Play is also something that is need for this age group. Jaruszewicz (2012), also stated that “all young children learn through all their senses, and that a good curriculum will provide activities that encourage looking, listening, tasting, smelling, and touching”. ( 4.2.) Play offers children the endless off opportunities to further their development in all areas because they are building on past skills, interacting with peers, and learning how to overcome obstacles. A final part of how curriculum supports infant’s milestones is that curriculum supports all children, despite a lack of abilities. Curriculum can help teachers plan for accommodations that a child may need so they can be successful. For example, a child that has under developed motor skills may need hand-over-hand assistance when exploring the sensory area or during a fine motor activity.

As I am reading through this weeks required materials, I cannot say that anything surprised me about child’s development and curriculum. I am familiar with developmental areas and what it takes to implement DAP in a classroom. However, children have always fascinated me so to review or refresh my memory with milestones and developmental stages that children progress through. One thing that stood out to me was the effects of the affective domain. It makes the most perfect sense that Piaget’s cognitive developmental theory fits so well with this topic.

As for confirmation, it feels great to go back and get a build on past knowledge and experiences. I have not worked with young children for about two years now, but as I reflected on my post I had many flashbacks to my early childhood days. Many of my past observations definitely came to mind when I was expressing the milestones for infants.


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