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Address the question they still have about learning a second language. You do not necessarily need to provide them with an answer, but you may want to provide information related to what you have learned.

I believe that learning a second language can be a good thing, there is so many opportunities to be awarded by being bilingual. It is easy to learn a second language when you are young it comes more natural. Learning a second or third language when you are older is hard because you are use to the first one and learning can be difficult, it is possible but harder.

When a teacher who has a student, who does not know English they feel pressure because they have a hard time teaching, they must work hard to make sure the Spanish speaking child understand. By the child’s second year of school rather it is preschool or first grade or higher the child is then experienced and have learned how to understand and speak most things, not everything, but most things needed to continue learning English. English is the hardest language to learn and Spanish is easy and fun to learn.

Ways to support children and families in learning a second language could range from hanging posters in the classroom and reading bilingual stories at story time. You could have stories about children coming to a new school who don’t speak English. Learn about their culture and share information and all the new child to talk about his/her experiences. On holidays ask the child to share about his/her culture. Sing songs and dance this usually makes children comfortable and then if you get them comfortable by acting silly they will be excited and eager to learn and will not be scared that there learning a new language. Have toys in the classroom that are biracial and share the culture associated with the toys.

I have seen firsthand how when a Spanish speaking child first attends school they do have trouble and making friends can also help. They might not understand each other at first but by repeating and putting words (sounds) and actions together they soon realize hey maybe that means we are going outside to play, or maybe that is what lunchtime means. Teachers and students together help learning a second language at school helpful.


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