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Formulate an opinion of the effectiveness of their experiences based on your knowledge of language acquisition. You can respond by substantiating the activity based on research, or you can offer suggestions for how to further expand the experience. Please remember to follow the rules of Netiquette; respectfully agree, and agree to disagree.

I did not have the time to spend about 30 minutes to an hour in a preschool setting. So I did my observe on the video Five Basic Functions of Language. It is about three children and a woman playing in the park, discussing spiders.

My observation notes are:

Boy 1: I have spider under my bed.

Woman: You do?

Boy 2: I have spider under another bed.

Boy 3: I don’t have spider under my bed.

Boy 1: When I touch the spider and put on my bed it didn’t bite me.

Woman: No? Why not?

Boy 1: Because it bites only when you are crawling under the bed.

What experiences support language acquisition?

I think the interaction with others helps with the development of language acquisition. Then storytelling, the children were able to develop their social as well as conversational skills. The important aspects of conversation skills are the ability to take turns during speaking. The children in the video were very polite and giving chance to everyone to finish their sentence before another spoke.

What experiences/interactions need refinement?

I don’t see with they need to have refinement need interactions. I think they did very good interaction with the other boys and the woman

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