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Formulate an opinion of the effectiveness of their experiences based on your knowledge of language acquisition. You can respond by substantiating the activity based on research, or you can offer suggestions for how to further expand the experience. Please remember to follow the rules of Netiquette; respectfully agree, and agree to disagree.

I observed the Pre-K class during centers, free time. During this time the teacher walks around observing and answering questions ask by the students. I have set my observations on a group of children who I have seen move from center to center together and they communicate together well. I will call the girls Ana, and Bella. I will call the boys Cj, and Dj. The teacher is Mrs. Jacey.

Dj was playing in the block center and he saw Ana and he ask her if she would play with him and she called Bella to play with them. Cj ask if he could play and they said yes. Ana is of the Hispanic background and when she began pre-k she could not speak any English. Dj is also Hispanic but he speaks English. He and Cj have been friends since the first day. When I ask the teacher, she said this group always finds each other and if one of them is absent then the others are asking questions about them the whole day. Dj and Cj was building a farm and the girls was building a princess castle. What was cool was they ended up adding them together, the princess castle ended up having a farm.

Bella and Dj talked about Dj’s birthday which was coming up on Tuesday and he was telling her he had invitations for her, Cj, and Ana. Ana and Cj was adding the top and carrying on a conversation about the color of the blocks. Before long they bell rang and they changed centers and they decided to go to the house center where they could play dress up. The four of them traveled together and Mrs. Jacey ask if they would like to play with some of their other friends and they said no we will tomorrow. The kids, all four of them was talking about who was going to be a doctor and who was going to be the mailman and who was going to be a fireman, Ana knew she wanted to be the mommy and she put on the party dress and grabbed the baby doll and began cooking for the baby. Dj ran to his cubby and got the birthday invitations and handed them to Mrs. Jacey so she could pass them out. Dj was correct when he told Bella he had invitations for her, Bella, and Cj. They played and the baby had to go to the doctor which was Bella, then Ana took her baby to mail a letter to her grandma and the mailman was Dj, Cj was the fireman and Ana called the fireman to help get her kitty out of the tree.

It was widely known that Dj was the most dominate child out of this group of friends. Dj would direct the others and he never realized he was but the others followed right behind. I think Dj should loosen up and not be so direct and dominate, but I also think in time and as they grow older the children will explore and expand their friendships and as neat as it would be that these four would stay friends all the way through high school, I believe eventually they will end up splitting up or moving away. I stayed and observed on into circle time and these kids did not sit beside each other on the carpet but they were very smart and they voiced their opinions and concerns about the songs they were singing. Dj liked dancing around and Ana was afraid to dance but she would scream the lyrics to the songs.

What experiences support language acquisition?

The children are spoken to in English and Spanish there is a English speaking and a Spanish speaking teacher in the classroom at all times. The children speak to each other in English and Spanish. There are posters in both languages as well. Multiple books in both languages as well. When the assistant teacher reads to the children at story time she reads it in both languages.

What experiences/interactions need refinement?

The teachers are friendly and inviting and loving just kind of differentiated between the languages. The lead teacher speaks only English and the assistant teacher speaks both languages, so the assistant teacher speaks the most to the Spanish speaking children. The Spanish speaking children are learning more English from listening to the lead teacher and by repeating things their friends say, when they are engaged in a conversation.

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