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Please write a research proposal on a question similar to this one. “Is there a relationship between the lack of primary school male teachers in Australia and the lower overall literacy levels of boys to girls in year 2 students”.

Please, remember this is a proposal so no need for answers or to show data.

I have attached a proposal I wrote a while ago, please use this one as an example of how to set it out.

Your research proposal should outline:

  1. Research area (the context in which your research question has emerged)
  2. Research problem or issue (problem statement or topic; what the study is about)
  3. Research question and sub-questions (the overarching research question in which you are interested and the sub-questions important to the overarching research question)
  4. Significance of the study (what contributions are made to knowledge and practice)
  5. Literature review (a summary and critical analysis of previous research and how it relates to this study). At least 8 references (journal articles, books, book chapters, policy documents) are included, appropriately presented. In-text citations are also required.
  6. Research plan/design and research methods (outline of the research paradigm/research perspective; summary of the proposed research methods to answer your research questions)
  7. Data collection procedure and data analysis (the nature and sources of the data to be collected; what data will be collected, how and where the data will be collected, and how the data collected will be analysed)

The following criteria will be used in marking

  • Clear explanation of a research area. 5%
  • Clear identification of a problem statement or topic. 5%
  • Clear articulation of a feasible research question and sub-questions. 5%
  • Clear explanation of the project significance. 5%
  • Clear summary and review of relevant literature. 10%
  • Clear description and rationale for an appropriate research design and research methods. 10%
  • Clear description of data collection procedures and data analysis appropriate for this project. 5%
  • Clarity in communication. At least 8 references are included, appropriately presented. In-text citations are also required. 5%

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