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Answer the question in two paragraphs

As human beings raised by other humans in a human society we cannot avoid the social influences that others and society has on us. This is the essence of C. Wright Mills’ Sociological Imagination. We are immersed in a social world and we can never escape the forces/impact/influences that society has on us. Everyday you are influenced by those forces. For example, the last time you drove your car you drove on the right hand side of the road ( I hope). Why? It’s the law and the vast majority of us obey the law….but your behavior (driving) was influence by the government via the vehicle code.

once you have read Chapter 1….try to employ your Sociological Imagination…which is simply using the sociological perspective (social forces impact/influence our behaviors) to view your life and the lives of others. Like the example above tell me what social forces have influenced your decision to go to college, be specific about the social forces, historical and social circumstances that have influenced your decision to attend college. Also, try to incorporate some of the “5 Things” into your discussion.

Chapter 1 is attached

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