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This is a research project assignment. The instructor want us to research and write a 6 pages essay on our field of study. I want this research done on MECHANICAL ENGINEERING IN APA FORMAT.


Your essay will be made up of three main parts.

In the first part you will write an actual description of the field, found through research and interviews. What features are of particular importance, such as training required and potential areas of specialty you might be interested in pursuing. Think of this section of the paper as a detailed job description with supporting documentation, especially from people now working in the field. However, it is more than a job description because I want you to find out what everyday life is like when working in your chosen profession.

The second part will be the historical background of the profession. Some questions you may answer include the following

  • When and how did the profession begin?
  • What are the major changes that have occurred in the profession?
  • What is the current nature of the profession?

The third section of the paper will cover a typical problem found in the profession and a possible solution or solutions to the problem.

Required Sources:

  • One professional organization website (no more than two websites allowed in the paper and ONLY professional organization websites)
  • One landmark text (print or e-book)
  • One textbook (print or e-book)
  • One interview of a professional or educator in the field

Include in Text citation of each source.

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