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Generate an activity that will help students draft nonfiction narratives such as personal essays or literacy narratives. For instance, guide students in generating ideas, producing a time expansion, writing a telling dialogue, creating a “thoughtshot” of one’s interior state, etc.

a. Create a handout for a narrative activity that you’d use with your students. Explain its larger context; that is, how will students use the material they produce? Include input–define terms, offer steps, outline strategies, provide space for students to write̶drawing on ideas from course readings. Provide whatever students need to complete the activity.

b. Complete the activity yourself, providing a sample that you could use as a model and testing out the activity.

c. Annotate the completed activity (as with inserted comments or Post-Its), pointing out at least three things you’d want students to notice and why, were you to share this sample.

d. Write a 2-page reflection commenting on the activity. Describe the process, the use, and the challenges. For instance, what does this activity achieve? what problems need you anticipate? how will you evaluate student work? where will this exercise lead? Most important, quote and provide in-text page citations from at least 3 course readings to justify your thinking about the exercise. Include an MLA works cited, please.

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