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After reading about body paragraphs and about incorporating quoted, paraphrased, and summarized material into those paragraphs, CONSTRUCT A DRAFT of your first body paragraph. Be sure it meets these criteria:

  • It is at least one full typed, double-spaced page in length (Times New Roman 12 point font) (5 points).
  • It begins with a clear topic sentence, telling what the paragraph is about (5 points).
  • It includes one or two linking sentences to connect the topic sentence to the first quotation or paraphrase (5 points).
  • It incorporates at least 4 quotations or paraphrases, each introduced by author’s name (and credentials, if necessary), each cited by page or paragraph number, and each explained (connected to the topic sentence in some way) (5 points each = 20 points).
  • It ends with a concluding sentence that sums up the paragraph (5 points).
  • It uses correct grammar, punctuation, capitalization, spelling, and sentence structure (5 points)
  • It avoids self-reference, unsupported assertions or opinions, and “filler” (repetitive statements that don’t move the argument forward) (5 points).

Also submit, via email or by links, COPIES OF or LINKS TO all the sources cited in your first body paragraph so I can see them. (I have attached a file below for you to go over just so you can have something to go off of. I am writing a paper about grief so this is what the first body paragraph will be based upon. It also includes the topic sentence which you can chose from.)

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