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The goal is to create a journal that is to be found years later outlining lessons learned about life from the relationships a person had.


You are an older person who has had good and bad friendships, good and bad love relationships, and a memorable relationship with a parent or adult figure in your life.


The target audience is your wife, adopted son, or anyone else important to you that may read this journal down the road.


You have been keeping a journal for years and years, and contained in that journal are your true thoughts about many of your relationships with others and also about many events that have happened in your life.

Product and Performance

The journal should contain your innermost thoughts about the relationships and events of your life. It should follow the entries listed below:

  1. The relationship between you and a best friend.
  2. The relationship between you and a person you did not get along with.
  3. The relationship between you and a boyfriend or girlfriend.
  4. Your thoughts after a good friend moved away or broke off the friendship.
  5. Lessons learned from your parent or a significant adult in your life.
  6. A recount of the first time that you really stood up for yourself.
  7. Thoughts about the death of a close friend or relative. If you have not experienced the death of a close friend or relative, you may talk instead about the experience of a friend who has had this experience.
  8. Advice to someone who is trying to overcome a difficult time in a relationship.
  9. A realization you have come to about life as a result of a relationship you have had.
  10. An entry of your choice Reflection

The questions in this unit might attempt to address the timeless admonition over the entrance to the temple at Delphi —” Know Thyself “— by exploring the tension between our desire to be part of groups that meet our basic social needs and our recognition that no two people are exactly alike, that each of us is an individual with unique talents, interests, and values. As you work to define your unique identities, and to be members of groups, you journey toward adulthood.

Standards for Success

  • Creative Journal Rubric

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