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Major Writing Assignment #2: Rhetorical Analysis

Due before feb 27th

750-1000 Words

For this writing assignment, you will choose one TED talk to analyze (a list provided on blackboard). You will look at the speaker’s rhetoric: The way in which they create & craft their argument. What is the art behind their persuasion?

You will choose one from the list on Blackboard (or contact me to propose a different one if you wish); you will need to watch the talk a couple times, making notes each time (annotate) in order to be able to break down and write about the techniques that the speaker is using to craft their talk/argument.

You will need to “read” closely and think critically in order to address and answer the following questions: (1) What is the talk’s main point and purpose? (provide a brief summary) (2) Who is the speaker’s audience and how do you know that? (3) How does the speaker appeal to his/her/their audience (which rhetorical devices) (4) Is the speaker using ethos, pathos, and/or logos—explain/show us how (use quotes) (5) Is the speaker credible, how do you know that? (6) Do you think that the speaker’s argument is successful or unsuccessful, why/why not? (7) What is the speaker leaving out or overlooking, if anything? (8) What question(s) does the talk raise and/or what else now would you want to know? (9) Would you recommend the TED talk? Why or Why not?

Important! You will need to paraphrase and quote from the TED talk to support your points & provide evidence. Make sure you mention the title of the talk, the date, and the speaker’s name and their credibility at the start of your analysis!

The goal of this assignment is to analyze the talk based on what is being said and how it’s being said (technique/ rhetoric). This assignment will be really useful in working towards your 3rd major writing assignment, the Research Paper! Because for the Research Paper, you will need to closely analyze your sources.

*You need to have a reference page citation for your source at the end

Nitty Gritty:

12 pt. Font, Clean font (like Times New Roman or Ariel)

Double Spaced

Name on paper

MLA or APA citations

Page Numbers

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