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I need good essay..

I applied to university and my grade was too bad and they need essay to explain why it was bad i need essay for that

Please follow the instructions which is

I was sick in the last weekend and I’m ready to prove it I have a medical excuse.

I live in danger area so I don’t feel safe every couple days I hear shooting next of my window. I live there because it’s around the campus because I don’t have a car . Also, I have more than 5 Warning Messages from my university which is about shooting,robbery bank ….. i can prove that…

1-why i chose to study in the new university((( write any compliment))

2-(You have to write this>>> i will try my best to improve myself . I will never make my grade goes down again.

(( you have to write some Promise to tell them i will not make it again or i will improve myself )))

Please add any thing to make this essay strong

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