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Each answer should be about 700 and above words long. The text each question refers to is Ethics: Theory and Contemporary Issues, 8th Edition, by MacKinnon and Fiala. You can use your general knowledge and research if you are unable to access the text over the internet. I can go in later and add some information from the textbook after a majority of the questions are answered.

  1. The Catholic Church, using Natural Law Theory, claims that there is a seamless web between the questions of euthanasia, abortion, and the death penalty, such that they oppose all three. Natural Law theory is also employed in the debate about homosexuality, which the Catholic Church opposes, as well. Others we have studied would challenge a natural law approach, claiming that different principles should be employed, and that these are separate issues about which people could take different positions. Explain the disagreement, using the arguments in the text.

  2. The debate about affirmative action for African-Americans raises issues about distributive justice, and the debate about punishment, prisons, and the death penalty raises issues about just punishment, particularly as it relates the problem of racism in America. Both are issues of justice. Are these related issues, or not? Explain the reasons for your answer based on the argument in the text.

  3. Is there a correlation between deterrence, retributive justice, restorative justice, and Natural Law theories, as discussed in the debate over punishment and the death penalty in our text, and the various theories of ethics that we studied in the first half of the semester? Explain.

  4. The problems related to biotechnology and bioengineering could be seen as simply a question of utilitarian calculations about the effects of technology. However, they could also be seen as involving questions of Virtue Ethics, Natural Law theory, or even, possibly feminism and deontology. Explain.

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