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Write a 2000 word exegesis paper (not a sermon) on a narrow topic/passage not covered in class. The paper needs to be strictly formatted following The University Standards for Written Work (Turabian). Your primary resource for this component is a website I have developed which can be found at www.ExegesisPaper.com which gives you all the information you need to write an exegesis paper. Some will be covered in your course material too. If you have any further questions about your paper, please do not hesitate to contact me.

The exegesis paper will be evaluated according to the following criteria (for grade evaluation, see the attachments:Criteria for Assessment Guidelines and Criteria for Assessment in your Syllabus):

  • Is the exegetical methodology presented in class lectures and reading understood and carefully applied?
  • Is the passage analyzed so that its linguistic and literary features as well as the main issues and theological themes were identified and addressed?
  • Is the paper well structured (brief introduction, logical sequence, conclusion, bibliography, clarity in format, good writing quality)?
  • Does the paper show acquaintance with the scholarly literature (books, commentaries, journal articles, unpublished dissertations) on the passage?
  • Does the paper follow the format of the University Standards for Written Work?
  • Is the paper original and interesting?
  • Are the findings convincing, logical, and biblically valuable?

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