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In determining the grade for the paper, I will consider form (mechanics, grammar), content, documentation, and process. Each will affect the final grade for the paper.

  • Research papers will have a body of seven to ten (7-10) pages. The paper must also have an outline, and Works Cited page. (These pages are NOT considered as part of the body page count.) You will find a sample research paper, including a sample Works Cited page at the Purdue OWL website or if you have purchased The St. Martin’s Handbook you can find a sample in Chapter 32. Information about formal outlines is in Chapter 3. The order of pages in the paper is outline, body of paper, works cited. These are all to be saved and sent to me as one document.
  • The final Works Cited page will contain seven to eight (7-8) sources.The sources will be derived from appropriate books, periodicals, etc., to denote variety of sources used. Cliffs Notes, Masterplots, Monarch Notes, essays from paper mills, Wikipedia, and all other similar sources are NOT appropriate. Each of the sources used in the Works Cited must be used at least once in the research paper.
  • You are to follow MLA format and documentation as described at the Purdue OWL site and also in The St. Martin’s Handbook.
  • Use direct quotations sparingly (no more than 25% of the paper).
  • Be sure topic is sufficiently limited.
  • All words should be spelled correctly and errors in sentence structure eliminated.
  • The level of diction should be formal (no slang, contractions, jargon, or technical terms without definition).
  • The paper should be well written and scholarly.
  • All borrowed information must be noted whether quoted or paraphrased.

You are to write a paper (seven to ten pages) on a literary topic related to Fahrenheit 451 in some way.

Think about questions like this:

  • Does the novel contain a great deal of symbolism? Perhaps you could write a paper that deals with the author’s use of symbolism in the novel.
  • How does realism play into the meaning of the novel?
  • How does a change in setting affect the development of the plot?
  1. Devise a research topic, using a variety of sources.
  2. Develop the correct MLA format for noting reference materials.
  3. Employ direct quotes, paraphrases, and summaries from sources for notes.
  4. Develop an annotated bibliography.
  5. Compose a research paper with a well-formulated thesis and proper documentation.

You may choose to address standard fiction elements such as theme, characterization, symbolism, allegory, irony, realism, or settings. History papers and biographical papers are not acceptable for this assignment.

PLAGIARISM: You are responsible for constructing a research paper based on your own idea about a topic. Borrowed material must be scrupulously documented. Plagiarism is a serious offense and will result in an F in the course.

PENALTIES: Late paper penalties will be assessed.

PAPER IS WORTH 150pts towards grade!


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