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  1. Do you believe the committee system in Congress is beneficial to the law-making process? Why or why not?

-in own words, this is just for a discussion board. Only has to be a paragraph. Please no references needed.

2. Can you reply to this statement from another classmate, in your opinion do you agree or disagree, write a few sentences why .The Statement will be in parenthesis down below.

-(Congress received such a low rating of confidence because of the partisan divisiveness. People feel like Congress don’t work together and value their individual parties more instead of concerning about people’s lives and benefits. Many people lost their income for weeks when the government was shut down in 2013 because of the disagreement in raising the statutory debt ceiling. Furthermore, Congress could not even manage a debate to improve issues such as unemployment benefits or immigration reform. Or the Republican rejected the health care reform and all its relation as it came to the debate. Issue after issue, citizens are losing their trust in that Congress can act as their leader who can make new laws to improve their lives and benefits.)

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