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Please use all three references and use in-text citation. this is not an essay these are two questions and the references below must be used. I have attached two of the references since they come from my school library.

Only write seven sentences and check grammar and no plagiarism

Dye (2010) Federalism often creates confusion over which lever of government has the responsibility of handling crises.” Discuss the issues associated with federalism and what local, state, and federal policy makers need to consider when developing emergency response policies?

Explain the Public Policy Lifecycle utilizing a public policy you have become familiar with. Discuss the importance of developing a viable Policy Adoption and what policy makers need to consider when adopting new, or amending existing, policies


Dye, T.R. (2010). Understanding public policy (13th ed.). Longman: Pearson Prentice Hall. ISBN: 9780205757428. Custom ISBN: 9781256054160

Hubbard, R. G., Skinner & J., Zeldes, S. P. (1994). Expanding the life-cycle model: Precautionary saving and public policy. The American Economic Review, 84(2), 174. Retrieved from ProQuest database.

Read Eisinger, P. (2006). Imperfect Federalism: The Intergovernmental Partnership for Homeland Security. Public Administration Review, 66(4), 537-545. Retrieved from ProQuest database.

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