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After reading the section on argumentative writing, I now understand that it is not only important to try and convince someone you are right, but you need to have the supporting facts to back up your option. I also took away that it is important to consider the oppositions point of view prior to starting your paper, so that you can make their argument ineffective. When writing your argumentative paper, it is also important to consider the readers knowledge on the subject. The last thing you want is to discredit yourself right from the start. Too often people argue about issue, without knowing all the facts at hand. Statistics are a good source and can be used to back up your opinion, but you need to do the research to insure those statistics are correct. Too often people quote statistics that are incorrect or use statistics they just made up, to help prove their point. When dealing with my kid’s I use the logical consequences strategy. It is important that they understand that there can be consequence for their actions. Kids have a need for immediate gratification, but they don’t take into account how that gratification will affect them in the future.

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