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( I have a short video but i can’t upload it here. I can send it to you through e-mail. It is a very short video, 40 seconds long.)

Please send me your email so i can send you the video.

Look at the attached pictures. Write a report describing the instruction in the video and pictures. and write a report on how to build construction like that.

Instructions from my instructor:

During the second week make a visit to construction site nearest to you and request the construction superintendent to give you a tour round the site. Study carefully the the operations and maintenance of the machines and equipment used on the site with a view of identifying the application of principles of static and dynamics used in the safe operation and maintenance of these equipments. Also familiarize yourself with the structural members of the building. Please make sure you contact me ahead of time for the necessary paper work for the site visit. The field trip must be videotaped and you must appear in the video.

Grading Rubrics for the Field Report :

Please find below the grading rubrics for the field Report:
Points Possible of the overall Course Evaluation: 10 points

Introduction: 10%

Description of Site, building and Equipment/Photographs/Video: 40%

Contents: Applications of Principles of Statics and
Dynamics to Safe Operation of Equipment and Machines,

Technical discussion about the design and construction of the

structural Members of the building 30%

Organization and logical presentation of ideas: 10%

Conclusion/Biography 10%

Total Points Possible 100%

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