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Essay 3 Economy and Ecology Analysis

For this assignment, you will write an800-1000word, analytical essay. In a well-developed, organized, and thesis-driven analysis, please respond to the following ideas and question(s):

The editors of Literature and the Environment: A Reader on Nature and Culture boldly state: “Our economic values ultimately have consequences for the planetary ecosystem . . . [There are] real consequences for nature’s household of our economic beliefs, values, and ways of organizing ourselves” (289).

In what specific ways are economy and ecology linked? What are the outcomes of this linkage? What is/are the associated larger social significance(s)?

Practicing MLA format, you must usescenes from Into the Wild as well asthree-fourcoursereadings to support your thesis. Please include an introduction (complete with a hook and thesis), PEAT (point, evidence, analysis, transition) paragraph organization, directly cited evidence to support your essay’s development, and a conclusion that does not simply restate your thesis and paper but instead focuses on the LSS (larger social significance) of your topic .

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