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Final Paper – DUE FEB 15TH

Due: Week 7 by Sunday midnight

Points: 180 points

Length: 4 Pages Minimum

Assignment Topic:

Using images from our class text, choose 5 works (one per term) that best exemplify the following formal element terms:

Line – Artist is Ingres; Grande Odalisque

Shape – Artist is Bosch; Garden of Earthly Delights (In particular the right panel depicting the monster with an egg-like body), text page 592

Texture – Artist is Marie-Guillemine Benoist, Portrait of a Negress (Text Page 697)

Color – Artist is Grunewald; Crucifixion with Saint Sebastian (how the artist uses the color red), text page 601

Balance – Artist is Bernini; Ecstasy of St. Teresa (sculptor), page 627

After you have chosen the 5 works, answer these questions for EACH work:

Identification (25 points total and 5 points per work = 1 point each for the following information):

  1. Artist: Who was the artist?
  2. Title of the work: What is the title of the work?
  3. Date: When was the work created?
  4. Media: How/with what was the work created?
  5. Location: Where is the work displayed? And please give page number in text. (see above)

Description – What does the artwork look like and how is the formal element (term) used? (125 points total = 25 points per work)

  1. Briefly describe the subject matter and then using the “How Do We Talk About Art?” section of the Introduction chapter of our text, identify and discuss how the term affects the overall composition of the work. For instance, don’t just tell me there were lines in the work, tell me what kind (straight, curved, horizontal, diagonal, thick, thin, implied, etc.), where they were located, and how they affect the overall composition.

Interpretation – What do you think of the artwork? (20 points total and 4 points per work = 1 point each for the following information)

  1. What was the artist trying to communicate?
  2. How did the artist communicate that message? (Symbolism, subject matter, or content?)
  3. How does the work make you feel? Why?
  4. Does the work have value and why? (types of value – material, intrinsic, religious, nationalistic, psychological – are discussed in the Introduction chapter of our text)

After analyzing the 5 works, provide a conclusion:

Conclusion – Which work was your favorite? Why? (10 points total)

Important Guidelines:


  • 4 page paper
  • The paper should be double spaced with a 1” margin and type size should not exceed 12 pts.
  • Art History, as a discipline, utilizes the MLA style.


  • Always cite your sources!
  • Please read the document, “Important-Tips to Avoid Plagiarism” located in the Content section.


  • Remember to proofread!
  • Please submit your completed paper to the appropriate folder in the Dropbox section of the course.


Final Paper Grade Scale: 162-180= A, 144-161= B, 126-143= C, 108-125= D, 0-107 = F

Grade Criteria
180 – 162 pts = A Excels in responding to the assignment; works are properly identified, descriptions are very detailed, the appropriate number of terms are fully discussed, interpretation is insightful, understanding and evaluation are clearly communicated, uses a logical structure, sentence style is appropriate, correct documentation is included, and almost entirely free of spelling, punctuation, and grammatical errors.
161 – 144 pts = B Solid response to the assignment; works are properly identified, descriptions are moderately detailed, the appropriate number of terms are moderately discussed, interpretation is somewhat insightful, begins to acknowledge understanding and evaluation, uses a somewhat logical structure, documentation may be lacking proper execution, and may contain a few mechanical errors.
143 – 126 pts = C Adequate but less effective response to the assignment; works are identified, but descriptions lack detail, may be missing one or more terms which are not fully discussed, interpretation is simple, structure is random, documentation is poor, and may contain several mechanical errors.
125 – 108 pts = D Weak response to the assignment; works are not fully identified, descriptions lack detail, may be missing substantial number of terms and/or discussion, interpretation is basic, structure is poor, documentation may be missing, and contains many mechanical errors.
107 – 0 pts = F Does not respond to assignment, lacks organization, structure, evidence, examples, and contains awkward sentences and numerous mechanical errors, or did not submit.

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