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Final project organization Mercy Corps

In a 3- to 4-page paper (not including the title page and references), identify and describe cultivating potential donors.

  • Briefly describe the nonprofit organization you are using for your Final Project. Specify the donors that the organization currently relies on for financial support.
  • Critically evaluate the existing overall donor cultivation strategies.
  • Describe two new donors for this organization. Explain how you would cultivate relationships with those specific potential donors.
  • Finally, evaluate how the documented donor cultivation strategies would improve on and build the level of trust, loyalty, and engagement that donors have in the organization.

Use proper APA formatting and include the following:

  • An introduction that states the purpose of the paper
  • Level 1 headings to define each part of the paper
  • A conclusion to synthesize the entire paper
  • A minimum of three scholarly sources to support your paper
  • In-text citations as appropriate
  • A reference list

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