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Select one of the following topics. Post a short essay to share. Focus on organization, clarity, good grammar, etc. Writing is an essential part of any good philosophy course!

1. Select one juicy passage from either of our works that you would like to discuss. Give us the passage and location, first. Then give us your analytical response to this passage.

2. What are the three kinds of souls according to Aristotle? What evidence from contemporary life can one use to prove this idea?

3. What do you think of Aristotle’s account of what it is to lead a good life? Give a brief summary of his account to begin your analysis.

4. Explain how Aristotle distinguishes his account of the Good from Plato’s.


The Oxford Dictionary of Philosophy – Aristotle

“Nicomachean Ethics ” (Book I) by Aristotle (translated by W.D. Ross)

“Metaphysics” Book I (Parts 1, 2, and 3) by Aristotle (translated by W. D. Ross)

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