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1 During the 1930s, legislation was passed as part of the New Deal relating to Native Americans. Was this legislation a positive change for Native Americans? Why or why not? (half (1/2) a page is fine

2 Please provide a feedback to the discussion below or elaborate on it: 4-5 sentences will be fine.

The Works Progress Administration program was one of the most famous of Roosevelt. It put millions of unemployed Americans to work, about 1/3 of the jobless resumed work building economic security for their families.“Four major cultural projects were initiated in the early years of the WPA, in 1935, and these were known collectively as Federal One” (Library of Congress,2010). This was a chance for people working in the arts to obtain jobs. He gave life back to artists, musicians and many more. Many immigrants and African Americans were in the cultural arts and this brought life back to their families and food on the plate.

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