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ASSIGNMENT: Final Draft of Project Three

For your final draft of Project Three, submit the following pieces :

1. Your Final Draft of your Report, which should include all of the specified sections (see the assignment “survey data report summary”).

  • Be sure to write out all sections, following the outline you made for your summary. That is, use the summary as your outline for writing a complete report.
  • Be sure that your work meets all of the word count requirements, approximately.
  • Complete reports should also include a minimum of two graphs that show the breakdown of results, as well as appendices that include your complete survey and your data tabulations.
  • Final reports usually run in the range of 6 to 10 pages, depending on the number of figures included.

2. Your PowerPoint slide with your academic poster on it. The poster should meet all of the requirements listed on the academic poster assignment page.

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