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1. Explain, in your own words, the content of footnote #1.

2. What is the purpose of listing the many references in the first footnote? How does this information contribute to the author’s credibility as a source of information?

3. Locate the sentence that directs you to footnote 2. What important piece of information can be found in this footnote regarding the author’s attribution of authorship for the Declaration of Independence? Why and to whom might this be surprising? Why might the author’s commentary be relegated to the footnote rather than the text of the essay?

4. What objection from the reader might the author anticipate and address through his use of footnote 3? How might this add to the logos of the argument he presents? How might this add to the ethos of the argument he presents?

5. How do these footnotes confirm the dialogic (characteristic of a dialogue) nature of academic discourse?

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