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In your peer responses, evaluate whether or not the academic and adaptive modifications your peers made to their lesson plan will be effective. Make sure to justify your thoughts with evidence. Provide at least one other academic and adaptive modification for their lesson

Fragile X Syndrome
Ashford University

“Fragile X syndrome is the most common inherited cause of mental impairment.”(25 things to know about fragile X) Fragile X is caused by a mutated x chromosome. Both male and Female can have Fragile X syndrome. Boys often have more severe symptoms. Because of a defect in the gene the brain develops abnormally. Some delays are in speech and intellectual functioning. Sometimes there are physical characteristics such as “a long face with wide forehead”
Fragile X Syndrome: This Syndrome affects students in different ways and can include; attention deficit disorder, speech disturbances, hand biting, hand flapping, autistic behaviors, poor eye contact, and unusual responses to various touch, auditory, or visual stimuli.
Because this syndrome affects every student differently it will be important to meet with parents and the rest of the IEP so the teacher will have some idea of how it seems to be affecting her student. It will be important to observe the child in the classroom setting and try to individualize the lesson plans for him.
I chose to teach a math lesson to a pre-k student with Fragile X syndrome. The plan I chose came from The title “Fish in a Pond” by Ellen Mc Phillips
Learning outcomes: gain an understanding of the concept half and demonstrate an understanding of quantities.
This lesson will be modified by using hand over hand for students with fine motor difficulty. I would also try to use the A-B-C model to help with any behavior problem.
It is important to consider the characteristics of Fragile X syndrome when trying to modify behavior or you could possibly have an unsuccessful intervention. An example used in an article I read on the National Fragile X foundation website would be if the child was asked to write their name and they tore the paper and threw the marker instead. They say at first you might think it was a willful attempt to avoid the demand. What would work for most children might not work for the child with Fragile X because the anxiety they are experiences because they have a delay in fine motor skills which makes it hard to write. An alternative would be to let him use stamps to write his name. (
In the math lesson with the fish pond, I would probably try using the activity as a one on one activity with the child and then add a friend or two to the mix so the child would not be overwhelmed with the whole class participating at one time. This would be a way to use the math lesson to also help with the child’s social skills
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