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I need you to do a PowerPoint Presentation the topic of our FOA is the Hamilton speech to pence that went viral. We need it to be 24 minutes long. We need you to analyze the speech with: stylistic features, ethos, pathos, and logos etc..(look at the document below to complete the steps, every point in the rubric has to be covered(Do not answer the questions in the questions in the rubric in essay form, it has to be covered in the power-point). Mainly analyze the entire speech. I need you to do a power-point presentation(don’t forget that in the power-point presentations we only need bullet points and pictures) On a separate word document i would need you to write what i have to say in every slide. After you finished analyzing the Hamilton speech we need you to continue with the response/reactions of the public towards the speech especially Donald Trump. Remember that the presentation must be at least 24minutes.

If you have any questions about what an FOA is http://www.thinkib.net/englishalanglit/page/2538/f…

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