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  • Identify a toy that is appropriate for this age group and share a picture or link.
    • How does this toy help a child’s development?
    • Can you share a situation where you have observed this?
    • What theory explains how this toy helps a child’s development?
  • Find a video of a child that exhibits typical, appropriate behavior expected of the early or late childhood stages of development. Share a link to the video.
    • Share which development theories would explain the behaviors you see. What characteristics led you to the theory you identified? How might this information be valuable in providing guidance to a parent or teacher?
    • Include a hashtag for the theory you identified, for example #erickson, #piaget.
  • Find an article on development from early to late childhood, either through the Capella library or online from a reputable source.
    • Share the link and describe how this article supports what you have learned in class so far. What ideas stood out to you? Where have you observed this before? Bring in personal experiences as appropriate.
    • Include a hashtag for your article topic or the idea supported.
  • Explore a blog or podcast aimed at parents, and share the link to a relevant blog post or podcast episode.
    • Does the blog post or podcast episode accurately reflect what we know from research and theory—where did they get it right? Where did they get it wrong?
    • How does your knowledge of child development theory influence your opinion of the blog post or podcast episode?

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