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Your project is to write a series of memos as a Human Resource Leadership practitioner (HRL) to various stakeholders. Practicing Human Resource Leadership requires particular competencies in communicating ideas clearly, cordially, effectively, and as a consultant/motivator. You will have an opportunity to apply each required HRL communication competency in four different memos.

Due Date

Your final memo is due in Module 05. There will be individual assignments along the way. The modules in which they are due are noted in the time line below.




Project Introduction
Resources for Effective Memo Writing


Global Diversity Training Memo


Motivational Training Memo


Developmental Program Memo


Change Memo


Your memos should be 1-2 pages in length, plus a cover page and a References Page at the end listing your research citations. Please use this template to construct each memo.

Each memo should include:

  • To: (Intended audience)
  • Subject: (What the topic is)
  • Date:
  • Memo (Write concisely, keeping the intended audience in mind)


Hall, D. T. (1989). How Top Management and the Organization Itself Can Block Effective Executive Succession. Human Resource Management, 28(1), 5-24.

I need just 2 memos right now for module 1. Template attached

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