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Chapter 3 Review

  1. Describe where to look to identify topics worthy of an argument paper.
  2. Explain how to use various sources to find one worth writing about.
  3. Describe how to generate ideas to explore in your topic.
  4. Explain how to formulate a working claim.

Chapter 3 Reader Questions: “Go Forth and Fortify”

  1. Using the assigned reading, what are possible argumentative topics concerning the issue? Try to think of at least three that are current and that most people – specifically college students – find interesting and arguable.
  2. Take some time to explore the Internet by doing a key word search using a Web search engine. Describe the results of your search (what are synonyms associated with the subject?). How many sites devoted to your topic did you peruse? What did you find most surprising about the comments and opinions expressed by the participants?
  3. Engage in a dialogue with other students, family members, friends, or people in your community who might have some interest and opinions on the topic. Record and respond to their diverse views.
  4. After you have exercised the aforementioned strategies for exploring the topic, formulate a working claim. Identify which parts of your claim will need to be supported by reasons in your essay. Which parts of your claim will need to be investigated further?

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